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FWC hits pause on public transport vax mandate

The FWC has "reluctantly" applied the brakes to the NSW Government's COVID-19 vaccination mandate for some rail workers after finding it has an obligation to consider two unions' post-implementation challenges to the policy.

FEG entitlement not dependent on employer's contributions: AAT

The AAT has accused the Attorney-General's Department of "studied ambiguity" in finding it mistakenly denied a worker up to $23,600 under the FEG scheme because his insolvent employer neglected to contribute to an industry entitlements fund.

Employer can re-investigate rejected complaint: FWC

The FWC has "reluctantly" held that Airservices Australia's agreement does not prevent it from investigating the alleged out-of-hours touching of a worker's breast in a rideshare, despite dealing with it "to finality" four years ago.

Time's up for zombie deals: FWC

The FWC has warned employers that the "clock is ticking" for Work Choices "zombie" agreements in rebuffing a large employer's bid to keep a 2008 flat-rate deal operating until May or June, coinciding with the 10-year anniversary of its nominal expiry.

Retrial ordered in REX's "solemn promise" case

A full Federal Court has ordered the retrial of a pilots' union's claims that Regional Express threatened to take adverse action against cadets when asking for a "solemn promise" that they would stay at the airline's Wagga Wagga academy rather than cost the company an extra $100 cost per night by sleeping at a motel.

Deal's "mere possibility" of future coverage not enough: FWC bench

A NSW company's three-year deal covering prospective maintenance work at Victoria's largest power station has been quashed after less than five months, a FWC full bench finding the "mere possibility" that those who voted the agreement up might in future be covered by it did not justify approval.

Qantas to unilaterally put deal to long-haul cabin crew

Qantas says it will put a new agreement to international flight attendants for a vote next week without the FAAA's support, after the FWC rejected the union's arguments it would be unfair after extended standdowns and while it seeks to continue bargaining.

Novavax-awaiting paramedic fails to win anti-sacking order

A paramedic who claims an Ambulance Victoria IR strategist refused to permit her to take long service leave while she waits for the non-MRNA Novavax has failed to obtain interim orders stopping it from dismissing her while she participates in a group challenge to its vaccine mandate.