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No sign of rise in bargained private sector wages: Report

Wage rises in private sector enterprise agreements remain marooned at 2.6%, while public sector increases have dropped back to recent trends, according to new Attorney-General's Department data that appears to confirm that the pandemic has accelerated the long-running decline in bargaining.

Wharf tension grows as union claims pandemic windfall

The MUA has spurned a final offer on a new enterprise agreement from Patrick stevedores, despite the company warning employees it will consider "necessary steps to preserve the business".

Cobwebbed deal axed despite worker fears

In a decision illustrating the delicate balancing act required of the FWC when considering axing old agreements, a recently-employed worker has succeeding in having a security company's 15-year-old deal scrapped over the loud objections of all but a few of his fellow employees.

Court heads off CFMMEU's subterranean turf bid

The CFMMEU has failed in an interlocutory court bid to enter tunnelling sites at Brisbane's $5 billion Cross River Rail Project, in the midst of a demarcation dispute with the AWU.

Near-10% over three years under post-lockout deal

The AMWU claims it has won wage increases of at least 9.8% over three years for workers at a McCain Foods potato processing plant in Tasmania, as it pushes to bring their rates into line with their mainland counterparts.

Lecturer wins 'cancel culture' appeal

In a significant ruling on academic free speech, a university lecturer has been given a second chance to challenge his sacking for superimposing a swastika on an Israeli flag after a full Federal Court found insufficient weight had been attached to an agreement's 'intellectual freedom' clause.

Air traffic operator's 'policy' arguments don't fly: Court

The Federal Court has for the second time this month found that government-owned Airservices Australia failed to meet agreement obligations to consult over changes affecting air traffic controllers, despite its "valiant" attempt to distinguish between 'policies' and 'procedures'.

APS wages policy means "mystery" increases: CPSU

The CPSU has stepped up its criticism of the Morrison Government's public sector wages policy, saying it demands that workers sign up to "unknown" pay rises beyond the first year of new enterprise deals.

Employer's perfunctory effort on undertakings sinks deal

A senior FWC member has after highlighting the tribunal's significant efforts to aid compliance with agreement approval requirements thrown out an application made by an employer that thrice failed to give "intelligible" undertakings.