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Time's up for zombie deals: FWC

The FWC has warned employers that the "clock is ticking" for Work Choices "zombie" agreements in rebuffing a large employer's bid to keep a 2008 flat-rate deal operating until May or June, coinciding with the 10-year anniversary of its nominal expiry.

On-demand award recognises "the world's moved on": Menulog

A FWC full bench considering whether to make the country's first gig economy award has been told that "the world's moved on" for food delivery workers since the creation 12 years ago of two instruments held by unions and employers to already cover the occupation.

FWC weighs extending unpaid pandemic leave

In a sign of the continuing uncertainty surrounding COVID-19's impact on workplaces, the FWC will consider extending millions of award-covered employees' entitlement to two weeks unpaid "pandemic leave" to the end of June next year.

14-days paid FDV entitlement needed: Study

Just 20% of employers have told an FWC survey they offer paid family and domestic violence leave, while Monash University says "victim-survivor" research shows a minimum 14-days' paid leave is needed alongside "culturally-safe and trauma-informed" workplaces.

UWU planning aged care strikes next year

The UWU has resolved to pursue unprecedented protected strikes in aged care next year unless providers improve wages and care hours.

McDonald's faces class action over allegedly unpaid breaks

McDonald's has been hit with a second Federal Court case over its alleged failure to provide paid rest breaks, with a RAFFWU-backed class action claiming thousands of past and present workers are potentially owed millions over the "systemic" issue.

Schools put on notice over volunteer roles

The IEU says it will call out non-government schools over a widespread practice of engaging staff and others in key co-curricular roles as "volunteers", after a Queensland college back paid more than $2 million and entered into an enforceable undertaking with the FWO.

Coles' backpay $100M short, claims FWO

The FWO alleges in court proceedings filed yesterday that Coles owes its managers about $100 million more than it has made allowance for following internal payroll audits looking at the underpayments.

On-demand award would create "arbitrary schism": Academics

A trio of IR academics has ahead of next week's hearing of Menulog's application to create an on-demand delivery services award warned the FWC it would lead to an "arbitrary schism" between workers performing the same jobs.

Research aids ACTU bid for paid FDV leave

The ACTU's bid for 10 days paid family and domestic violence leave has been bolstered by new FWC-commissioned research indicating that a third of recent agreements have a paid entitlement and half of those deals provide at least the quantum the peak body is seeking.