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Deal approved despite FWC's own BOOT concerns: Bench

The CFMMEU has questioned whether non-BOOT compliant agreements are slipping through the FWC's approvals process after a full bench quashed a three-paragraph decision green-lighting a deal despite the tribunal's own internal analysis warning that it did not pass muster.

Adverse action case revived after judge jumps gun on costs

The self-described former general manager of a "car solutions" company has been given another opportunity to pursue an adverse action claim after the Federal Court found a lower court judge denied him a procedurally fair hearing while also ordering he pay unsought legal costs.

Criticism of agreement approval "queue" outdated: Ross

The FWC reduced its agreements backlog by more than two-thirds in the first seven months of the year, making recent criticism by commentators "substantially out of date", according to the tribunal's president.

Lawyer accused of haranguing Facebook requests fairly treated: Court

In a decision exploring fairness in workplace investigations, a senior public sector lawyer accused of non-work related database searches and haranguing a colleague to accept his Facebook friend request has failed to establish that agreement terms were incorporated into his contract.

Employer group sacks itself after "likely" reporting breaches

Clubs Victoria Inc has sought to be dissolved after a ROC investigation found it "likely" breached the Registered Organisations Act's reporting and recording provisions 29 times over three years, with the watchdog considering civil penalties.

Full court rules on leave test case

A full Federal Court has ruled today that a pair of 12-hour shift workers at a Cadbury chocolate factory are entitled to 10 calendar days of paid personal/carer's leave, rather than a lesser amount argued by their employer and the Federal IR Minister.

Court freezes penalty bid after alleged $1 million fraud

The Federal Court has stayed an Indigenous organisation's bid to impose penalties under the Fair Work Act on two former senior employees who allegedly defrauded it of almost $1 million, until the determination of criminal charges in another jurisdiction.

Employer's approach didn't discourage union involvement: FWC

An employer's advice to workers ahead of bargaining that they would be out of a job and in labour hire if the CEPU negotiated a new deal was "forceful" but adequately presented them with a choice of a union or non-union agreement, the FWC has held.

Union launches class action against Workpac

The CFMMEU is launching a self-funded class action against labour hire company Workpac, seeking at least $12 million in unpaid annual leave entitlements for "misclassified" casuals and promising that every cent recovered will be paid to participating members.