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Gina's train deal finally leaves station

A contentious agreement covering train drivers servicing the Roy Hill Pilbara mine network has finally been approved by the FWC, two years after being unanimously voted up by two employees.

CBA "bribes" helped secure non-union deal: FSU

The FSU is accusing the Commonwealth Bank of using "bribes" and threats to cram a non-union deal down workers' throats after staff voted it up despite strong opposition.

MSD granted despite union rebuke over "defective" petition

The FWC has overlooked a union's "typographical error" in misnaming an employer opposed to its bid for a majority support determination, but not before castigating it for eating up the Commission's time by refusing to correct its mistake.

"Approve pay cut or lose your job" not coercion: FWC

A large catering contractor did not coerce its workers when it warned them they would lose their jobs and forgo severance if they failed to approve a pay cut for new employees, the FWC has found.

Union by-pass hiccup for NSW MBA

The NSW MBA's campaign to build a beachhead of non-union agreements is in jeopardy, with the FWC rejecting two deals it found had not been genuinely agreed.

"Forensic" decision on evidence sinks MSD bid: Bench

A FWC full bench has thrown out the AWU's pursuit of a majority support determination for a new agreement covering the Ichthys LNG project after finding the union provided "limited" evidence to show that workers met the threshold of being geographically and organisationally distinct.

Union's PABO application backfires

In a decision highlighting the difference between "genuinely trying to reach agreement" and "good faith bargaining", the FWC has rejected an HSU application for a protected action ballot order and found its own conduct wanting.

Employer secures unprecedented bargaining extension

The FWC has for the first time retrospectively extended a single interest employer bargaining authorisation, avoiding the need for a group of schools to obtain a ministerial declaration after 14 months of negotiations and a successful second ballot.

Porter abandons contentious BOOT change

The Morrison Government has agreed to drop proposed changes to Better Off Overall Test in the IR Omnibus Bill, which would have given the FWC a temporary power to approve substandard enterprise agreements for employers afflicted by the pandemic.