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Bench reopens way for union to pursue conspiracy theory

An FWC bench has stopped short of overturning the four-month-old approval of a deal but ordered the employer to produce documents previously sought by a union strenuously opposed to it.

High Court set to hear Lunt case

The High Court will next month hear robo-stevedore VICT's bid for a finding that MUA delegate Richard Lunt committed an abuse of process when he acted as the "front man" for the union's bid to overturn an enterprise agreement.

One-man deal doesn't add up: FWC

The FWC has expressed scepticism in refusing to approve an agreement made with only one employee, rejecting a later claim that the company's director would also be covered.

SDA lashes Aldi over hasty new deal

The SDA has accused Aldi of rushing through replacement deals before current ones nominally expire in order to weaken workers' negotiating position and avoid protected action, after the FWC approved a new regional agreement barely a year into the existing instrument.

Union invites BHP to negotiate in-house labour hire deals

The CFMMEU's mining and energy division has stepped up its push for BHP Billiton to negotiate enterprise agreements at its two in-house labour hire companies, giving notice it wants to formally initiate bargaining.

Variation rebuffed for questionable agreement

The FWC has rejected an "incompetent" bid by a company's employment services provider to vary an agreement that does not list it as the employer, questioning whether the deal was validly made in the first place.

High Court should find Lunt ruling brings justice into disrepute: VICT

Victoria International Container Terminal has asked the High Court to consider whether a full Federal Court brought the administration of justice into disrepute when it failed to find MUA organiser Richard Lunt a "front man" for the union's bid to quash the approval of the stevedore's enterprise agreement.

Hanson senator a threat to IR bill

Pauline Hanson's One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts has warned that his longstanding concerns over the treatment of casual coal mining workers could influence his vote on the Morrison Government's forthcoming IR Bill.