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Australia endorses ILO anti-slavery provision

The Federal Government has ratified the newest ILO protocol to address forced labour, building on its law to counter modern slavery in supply chains.

"Misled" 7-Eleven franchisees settle for $98M

The Federal Court has approved the $98 million settlement of a class action accusing 7-Eleven of misleading franchisees on profitability and labour costs but will conduct a further hearing on whether to deduct a $25 million commission and legal costs of $20 million.

No bias in adjournment refusals: FWC

A FWC presidential member has rejected an employer's last-minute recusal application, made after she denied its bid for an adjournment.

Health workers add momentum to campaign to bust NSW pay cap

Striking NSW paramedics and hospital workers will on Thursday add to mounting pressure on the Perrottet Government to ditch its 2.5% cap on public sector pay rises, deliver a significant catch-up increase, update awards and open up productivity-based bargaining.

FWC rejects employer bid to "dictate" ballot agent

The FWC has rejected a bus company’s objection to the TWU choosing a ballot agent with no experience in the transport industry, finding that the Commission cannot dictate the use of one over another.

Full court backs Qantas approach to stand downs

A full Federal Court has upheld findings that Qantas and Jetstar had no reasonable choice but to stand down hundreds of engineers due to coronavirus-driven events outside their control, but one member of the bench has warned that an incorrect interpretation of "stoppage of work" has been allowed to stand.

"No basis" for inserting paid FDV in awards: ACCI

Ahead of Friday's final full bench hearing into the ACTU's case for introducing paid family domestic violence leave into modern awards, the ACCI says it should have "little confidence" in the cost-benefit analyses provided by the union peak body's expert witnesses.

Sub-CPI minimum pay rise would be a cut: Victoria

Victoria's Andrews Labor Government is calling for an increase of at least the CPI - currently 3.5% - to the federal minimum wage and all modern award rates on the basis that consumer price inflation movements mean anything less would be a pay cut.

Court reinforces that contract is now king

In a case applying the High Court's new guidelines on contractors, a judge has rejected a worker's bid for leave, super and redundancy payments after finding he was not an employee despite averaging 38 hours a week over eight years for a solitary employer.