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Late appeal rejected despite guard's "saving community" claim

A detention centre guard who tackled an escaping detainee has failed to win permission to appeal his sacking, a FWC bench rejecting his claim that it was in the public interest because he'd saved the community "from a disastrous 'what may have been'".

High Court rejects "front man" abuse of process case

The High Court has today unanimously rejected "robo-terminal" VICT's argument that the MUA abused lower court processes when it used delegate Richard Lunt as a "front man" for its belated bid to overturn approval of the company's enterprise agreement.

Worksite-specific contract didn't prevent move: Bench

An appeal court has quashed a finding that a disability service repudiated a worker's employment contract by relocating him following bullying complaints, holding the worksite specified in his letter of offer was not an "essential condition".

Qantas restraint case won't fly in Australia: Court

Qantas has suffered another blow in its bid to delay the date a former executive can start at Virgin, with an appeal court confirming a newer restraint measure does not override an "exclusive jurisdiction clause" requiring the case to be heard in Singapore.

High Court timetables Personnel Contracting, Ridd cases

The High Court is likely to hear the Personnel Contracting/ZG Operations and Ridd cases in the second half of the year, after setting timetables for submissions to be completed by early June.

"Forensic" decision on evidence sinks MSD bid: Bench

A FWC full bench has thrown out the AWU's pursuit of a majority support determination for a new agreement covering the Ichthys LNG project after finding the union provided "limited" evidence to show that workers met the threshold of being geographically and organisationally distinct.

CFMMEU back in court as de-merger stoush ramps up

The CFMMEU is today seeking a stay on Federal Court orders that blocked the union's national executive determining a resolution at a meeting ahead of yesterday's crucial de-merger vote by the mining and energy division.