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Harden up: Bench splits over phased return to work

An FWC full bench majority has thrown out a a company's challenge to a decision requiring it to reinstate an injured worker to his previous role and ensure he receives "work hardening".

FWC rounds on HR model

The FWC has criticised a company for fundamental failures of due process in a dismissal overseen by its HR function and warned that treating workers as human resources runs the risk of ignoring that they are "easily damaged" human beings "and when faulty they should be handled with more care than machines".

Discrimination case turns on voiced concerns, not "state of mind": Bench

As the Crown continues its pursuit of a Victorian employer charged with discriminating against employees who raised safety issues, Victoria's Court of Appeal has found that, as a question of law, it must prove only that the concerns were expressed rather than address the workers' "state of mind" at the time.

Public service bosses' pay tied to job cuts

The new WA Labor Government has unveiled a public service overhaul that will link 20% of pay for PS mandarins to hitting key performance indicators likely to include significant staff cuts.

Fairfax cuts spark wildcat strike

Fairfax editorial staff voted today for a week-long strike in protest at a management decision to cut about a quarter of the company’s remaining journalists.

US state law invoked in successful restraint case

The WA Supreme Court has tested how an employment agreement stacks up under US state law before granting an American company an interlocutory injunction restraining a former Australian employee from working for his new Perth employer.

FWC brokers potential deal at Sydney Water

Early adopters Sydney Water and the ASU are again making use of the FWC's New Approaches program in negotiations for a new three-year agreement, providing workers with detailed proposals for conditions and pay rises after four days early this month of "interest-based" assisted talks.