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Social media role no route to higher post: FWC

A call centre worker required to interact overnight with Westpac customers via its social media accounts has failed to convince the FWC his new duties should have bumped him up to a higher classification.

Bridge too far: ABCC targets Queensland project

The ABCC has warned contractors that they could contravene the BCIIP Act and the national construction code if they pay heed to Queensland Government procurement principles that apply to tenders for a $200m freeway bridge project.

NSW to impose safety standards on delivery platforms, riders

The NSW Government has announced plans to introduce the country's first comprehensive safety laws targeting the food delivery sector, including mandatory personal protective equipment for workers required to carry unique identification numbers.

Bench's safety concerns derail Sydney Trains proposal

The FWC has again blocked Sydney Trains from compelling electrical workers to participate in a trial to reduce downtime during maintenance, with a full bench finding it would introduce risks inconsistent with its obligations under safety laws.

Court clears way for challenge to class action

CIMIC Group subsidiary UGL plans to sue the AMWU and CFMMEU for allegedly breaching financial services laws when they arranged to fund a class action against it, after the Federal Court cleared the way for it to use details revealed in the funding agreement in its pursuit.

Donning/doffing PPE is working time: Bench

A full bench has quashed a finding that a meatworker is not entitled to payment for time involved in putting on and removing PPE during a half-hour unpaid meal break, but has held an employer's silence did not give the FWC power to arbitrate on the before- and after-work requirement.

Aviation unions seek leave to appeal Qantas JobKeeper ruling

Aviation unions will this month ask the High Court to hear an appeal against Qantas's use of JobKeeper payments, on the same day that the ABCC will seek leave to challenge a full Federal Court finding on the nature of "industrial activity".

Union uses Queensland IRC safety jurisdiction for harassment case

The RTBU has used a relatively new Queensland IRC power to hear safety disputes to pursue an alleged sexual harassment case on behalf of an Aurizon train driver member who claims the company "washed its hands" of the matter on the basis that it occurred outside of work.

Full court rules increases payable until new deal sealed

Qube Logistics must backpay two 3% increases held to be payable until it re-negotiated a rail deal, after a full Federal Court today upheld a finding that re-negotiation takes place when an agreement comes into force rather than when bargaining begins.