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Union "recidivism" of limited relevance in "slur" case

The Federal Court has largely declined to take into account the CFMMEU's "recidivism" in setting a penalty against it for an organiser's unintended racial slur when he complained to a supervisor of southeast Asian background about the "third world" state of a Perth building site.

Bill empowers minister to ban migrant-exploiting employers

The Morrison Government has today introduced legislation in response to two Migrant Workers' Taskforce recommendations to make it an offence to pressure temporary migrant workers to breach their visa conditions and to create a new power to ban employers that underpay them.

Labor says FWO acting like ABCC, ROC

Shadow IR Minister Tony Burke has today attacked Fair Work Ombudsman Sandra Parker's approach to "insecure" work, accusing her of "spin", mischaracterising Labor's policy position and operating in a manner similar to that of the "partisan" ABCC and ROC.

Watchdog doubles use of compliance notices

The Fair Work Ombudsman increased its use of compliance notices by 113% in 2020-21, as it sought to quickly rectify underpayments instead of taking action in the courts, while it has nevertheless ramped up its legal action by more than 40% and set up a dedicated branch to pursue corporate misconduct.

Four-fold rise in ABCC compulsory examinations

The ABCC increased its use of its compulsory examination powers by 433% in 2020-21, with more than half of the interviews conducted in Queensland.

Circus fined after 13-year-old acrobat hospitalised

A travelling circus has been ordered to pay $21,000 in fines and costs for failing to obtain mandatory child employment permits for three 13-year-old Chinese nationals recruited to work as acrobats.

FWO teaching universities a lesson

The Fair Work Ombudsman is investigating 14 universities for underpayments as part of its growing focus on compliance by the big end of town.

Court fines labour supplier, contractor for age bias

The Federal Court has today ordered a labour hire company and a contracting company to pay half of a $29,000 discrimination fine to a 70-year-old worker denied a job because of his age.

ABCC wins leave to cross-examine its own witness

The Federal Court will permit the ABCC to cross-examine one of its own witnesses in a bid to prove he relayed information alleging the CFMMEU would block two subcontractors from working on a Melbourne Quarter project site, as they were not members.