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No wage acceleration without "rebalanced" IR system: Economist

Economist and former Australian Conciliation and Arbitration Commission presidential member Joe Isaac has called for a major overhaul of IR laws to restore the power of unions and boost the "authority" of the IR tribunal to drive wages growth.

Mandate public sector equality reporting to WGEA: Academic

The Federal Government should consider requiring APS agencies to report to the WGEA on their performance against gender equality targets, University of NSW researcher Sue Williamson told an IR academics' conference this month.

One Nation likely to back IR bills: Roberts

Pauline Hanson's One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts says the party is inclined to back the ABCC and ROC bills, while it will also push for the federal government to get out of IR regulation and to beef-up the ACCC to police anti-competitive conduct by companies and unions.

Top 200 more active on gender pay inequity, but have bigger gaps

ASX 200 organisations are "pro-active" in addressing gender-based pay inequity and more likely than smaller companies to address gender pay gaps but they still have a higher pay differential and a fewer women in leadership roles, according to a new WGEA report.

Xenophon responds to pressure on penalty rates

With only nine days until the federal election, the Nick Xenophon Team has announced a "modified" policy under which it will support the role of the Fair Work Commission in setting penalty rates.

Unions plan national weekend door-knock on penalty rates

The ACTU is seeking to build opposition to cutting weekend penalty rates through a mass door-knock in marginal seats across Australia in mid-September, while employer associations are pushing crossbench senators to back the Government's bill to re-establish the ABCC.

Palmer senators side with Coalition in first IR test

In the first real IR test of the post-July 1 Senate's precarious balance of power, Palmer United Party senators voted with their Coalition colleagues last night to preserve, by one vote, the rights of the WA government and third parties to ask the Fair Work Commission to terminate damaging industrial action.