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ACTU-led coalition pushes for harassment change

Unions and gender equality activists will push the Morrison Government to move quickly to introduce legal obligations for employers to prevent sexual harassment and assault at work.

AWU seeks to axe horticulture pieceworker "loophole"

The AWU is seeking to delete a decade-old pieceworker provision in the horticulture award that it claims leaves affected workers with no safety net and substandard rates of pay.

FWC's Kovacic had poor opinion of umpires: Brother

Mourners at today's live-streamed funeral service for John Kovacic heard that the otherwise mild-mannered man who joined the nation's industrial umpire in 2013 became a different character when he attended a rugby league match featuring his beloved Wests Tigers, when referees making adverse rulings were "blind", or "stupid".

Wage stagnation threatening economy, warns former Treasurer

Suppressed wage growth and rising inequality pose a threat to both Australia's economy and its political stability, according to former Labor treasurer Wayne Swan, who used a party-sponsored conference on the weekend to confirm that his personal economic settings had been "moved to the left" by the GFC.

Australia Day honours for Gillard, Knott, Johns

Former workplace relations minister and prime minister Julia Gillard, AMMA chief executive Steve Knott, FWC member Leigh Johns, and NSW public servant Peter Riordan have been recognised for the contributions to IR in the Australia Day Honours.

Graeme Watson leaving FWC next month

Tensions in the senior ranks of the FWC have again entered the public domain with the resignation of Vice President Graeme Watson, effective from the end of next month.

Curtain comes down on RSRT

The Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal will officially cease operating tomorrow after Governor-General rapidly gave Royal Assent to legislation for its abolition that passed Federal Parliament on Monday.