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Tribunal praises mining giant's HR management practices

The Fair Work Commission has commended BHP Coal's approach to disciplining a tanker driver whose unintentional overwatering of a road at its Peak Downs Mine caused a rollover that wrote off a $1.2m truck and injured a colleague.

Workers who breached safety rules get jobs back

Two mineworkers sacked for breaching "lifesaving" rules at a mine owned and operated by BHP Coal have been reinstated after the Fair Work Commission found their dismissals disproportionate and inconsistent.

Fighting Coles warehouse worker wins job back

A senior member of the Fair Work Commission has reinstated a Coles forklift driver who was involved in a fight with a colleague, finding his dismissal harsh given his good record over 18 years of employment and his relatively passive role in the altercation.

Court rules employer disciplinary breach not "trivial", awards compensation

The Federal Court has awarded a nursing assistant $15,500 for her employer's failure to follow the three-strike disciplinary procedure in its enterprise agreement, but rejected her claims that it breached an implied term of trust and confidence in her employment contract.