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Elder's ties to land favour reinstatement: FWC

An Aboriginal night patrol officer sacked for timesheet discrepancies has won back his council role after an FWC member took into account "very strong" ties to his remote community and the dearth of alternative employment opportunities.

Decisions roundup: Role redefinition discriminatory; and more

Redefinition of role discriminatory, tribunal rules; No compensation after barristers' chambers award breach; Unreasonable to refuse medical examination: FWC; and Judge pushes for "show and tell" approach to information sharing.

Full court green light for Sunday overtime move

United Voice has failed to overturn a Federal Court finding that a security company is entitled to avoid paying Sunday penalty rates by allocating all overtime hours to these days.

Bench upholds factory hand's refusal to give finger

An academic has welcomed a significant FWC full bench finding that a worker's refusal to participate in fingerprint scanning did not justify his dismissal and warns that many employers lack awareness of their legal obligations and the potential consequences of biometric technology.

Majority scraps penalty imposed after Hutchison strike

A full Federal Court majority has today rejected a judge's reasoning for ordering the MUA to pay a fine of just $38,000 for a week-long unlawful strike at Hutchison Ports' Sydney and Brisbane container terminals, but has rebuffed the FWO's contention that the stevedore should have been awarded $600,000 in damages it didn't seek.

Victoria eases public sector bargaining strictures

Victoria's Parliament has passed legislation that will enable public sector workers to bargain for a wider range of matters, including minimum staffing levels and job security.

Bunnings deal shelves hours-banking regime

The SDA says a new deal voted up this week by Bunnings workers finally removes a contentious "bank of hours" rostering system that it fought to abolish or amend over six separate bargaining rounds.

Can Gina's train deal glitch constitute a minor error?

The FWC has held that an agreement negotiated with two train drivers but set to cover an entire transferred workforce on the Roy Hill Pilbara mine network was not genuinely agreed, but it is asking whether this is a minor error that can be dealt with via an undertaking, "odd as that may be".