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FWC rebuffs employer bid for "bullied" worker's medical records

The FWC has refused to order a worker's general practitioner to hand over medical records as it considers her anti-bullying case, noting that even if the information is relevant, requiring it might have a "harmful impact" on her health and wellbeing.

Unregistered unions seek to join anti-mandate case

Two newly-incorporated associations of NSW paramedics and nurses want to join a legal challenge to the State's vaccination mandate for health workers, the NSW Supreme Court heard today.

Annual leave boost to five weeks in casino deal

The UWU has welcomed a new agreement that pays a 10% increase over three years to about 3000 Star Sydney casino workers and boosts annual leave to five weeks.

Alleged "black sheep" comment not race-based: Tribunal

A WA housing officer of Mauritian descent has had her discrimination case thrown out after a tribunal held that a colleague accused of calling her a "black sheep" would have been using the the expression in its "colloquial sense" if it was said at all.

UK Labour promises NZ-style sectoral safety net

The UK Labour Party has opened its annual conference by pledging to follow the New Zealand example of introducing "Fair Pay Agreements", as part of a "New Deal" for Britain's 31 million workers.

Anti-mandate workers fail in Gladys subpoena bid

Workers challenging NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard's ability to force them to be vaccinated have failed to subpoena Premier Gladys Berejiklian for documents she took into account when stating this month that it is "not in our power" to mandate inoculations.

Challenge flagged as bench upholds vax mandate

An aged care receptionist who refused a flu shot on the basis of a previous allergic reaction will launch a Federal Court challenge to today's FWC full bench majority decision that upheld her sacking, while Deputy President Lyndall Dean has given her some comfort in a passionate dissent, saying she had been dealt a "serious injustice" that denied her the Act's protections partly because of an inference that she holds a "general anti-vaccination position".

Deadline today for casual conversion assessments

The FWO is reminding employers other than small businesses that they have until today to assess whether their casual workers are eligible to be offered permanent employment.