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Chemist Warehouse's penalty rate stand hard to swallow: Union

Chemist Warehouse's announcement that it won't cut Sunday penalty rates for existing employees has received muted acclaim from the union representing pharmacists, Professionals Australia, which accuses the company of having "sold out" its future workforce.

Commission confirms transition timetable for penalty rate cuts

The Fair Work Commission has ruled today the contentious decision to cut Sunday penalty rates will be phased-in over four financial years in the retail and pharmacy sectors and over three financial years in hospitality and fast food.

United Voice to seek judicial review of penalty rates ruling

Business groups have told the FWC that it is prohibited from varying or revoking its decision to cut Sunday and public holiday penalty rates and have slammed United Voice over its call for the case to be immediately concluded so that it can launch a judicial review.

Penalty rates terminology change could apply to all awards

As the FWC calls for submissions on an employer bid to ditch the term "penalty rates" and replace it with "additional remuneration", a senior union-clientele lawyer is warning of a "slippery slope" if recognition of a need to compensate those working unsociable hours is removed.

Ross calls for Coalition to reveal position on penalties transition

The FWC has asked the Turnbull Government to clarify whether it intends to amend the Fair Work Act to enable the tribunal to make take home pay orders to potentially mitigate hardship flowing from its decision to cut hospitality and retail workers' penalty rates, and is seeking further submissions on transitional arrangements.