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Tight turnaround for inquiry into religious discrimination bills

The Federal parliamentary inquiry into the Morrison Government's Religious Discrimination Bill has set a tight three-month timetable for completion, relies on a six-paragraph letter for its terms of reference and will not publish submissions from individuals other than academics.

Lessons for all employers in ambulance service report, says VEOHRC

The head of Victoria's Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission has urged all employers to heed the insights gained from the agency's year-long review of the State's ambulance service, which confirmed a workplace culture of "everyday" disrespect and sexism and recommends establishing an internal 'equality and reform' team.

Government "will take action" if wharf strikes resume: Morrison

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has pledged to intervene if the MUA resumes protected strikes at Patrick stevedores this month, while taking longer-term action on restrictive content imposed by the union in enterprise agreements.

Union slugged millions after rumination on "just" compensation

In a ruling giving close consideration to how compensation is assessed, the Federal Court has ordered the MUA to pay more than $2 million to Qube Logistics and Patrick stevedores over unlawful wharf stoppages in 2017.

Parliament does not meet workplace standards: AHRC report

The Australian Human Rights Commission has recommended an independent body be established to enforce parliamentary codes of conduct after a third of staffers responding to its workplace review reported experiencing some form of sexual harassment.

Employer faces legal test over medicinal cannabis sacking

The law firm representing a Queensland Rail worker allegedly sacked for taking legally prescribed medical cannabis says his general protections test case could have significant ramifications.

Giudice knew "tunes" of IR: Eulogy

Former national IR tribunal leader Geoffrey Giudice has been remembered for knowing "not just the words but the tunes of industrial relations", as well as for being the "hipster of Collins Street" on a three-wheeled Piaggio that nodded to his Italian heritage.

Teachers set to defy anti-strike orders

The NSW Teachers Federation insists that problems within the profession are "too large" for it to comply with "unprecedented" orders to call off a planned one-day strike and refrain from any further action for six months.

Pfizer hold-out's abandoned case not unreasonable: FWC

The FWC has rejected a costs application against a worker who missed her employer's deadline to register for COVID-19 jabs because she was holding out for the Pfizer vaccine, at a time when its south-western Sydney location was subject to extra lockdown restrictions.