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BHP pursues unions over contempt

BHP Coal is to proceed with its important bid for fines and damages against the CFMEU and CEPU for contempt of court over alleged union defiance of return to work orders.

80,000 more Qld workers to get LSL payouts?

A Queensland Government proposal to amend long service leave provisions could lead to an extra 80,000 employees a year getting pro-rata long service leave payouts.

Performance pay now the rule in big companies

The incidence of performance pay in big companies has skyrocketed, with more than half of employees now having their pay partly determined by individual merit-based increases, according to new research from the University of Sydney.

Non-union deals expensive

A case before the Industrial Relations Commission today illustrates some of the risks for employers of going down the non-union enterprise agreement route in industries with strong unions.

BHP workers threaten industrial action

Workers supporting a collective agreement at BHP's Pilbara operations are threatening to re-commence industrial action if the company doesn't substantially revise its proposed collective agreement that mirrors individual contracts signed by nearly half the workforce.

NZ to repeal Employment Contracts Act

New Zealand is about to repeal the 1991 Employment Contracts Act (ECA), the radical legislation centering on common law employment contracts that stripped away the country's IR regulation and became one of the significant models for deregulation in Australia.