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Agreement integrates conditions at AMP and GIO

GIO Australia employees will have to work longer but under better conditions after the Finance Sector Union and the AMP reached agreement on integrating the working conditions of 8,000 employees of the two former rivals.

It's not the site - it's the business: IRC

In an important transmission of business ruling, a full bench of the IRC has rejected an employer's argument that a transmitted award applied to the sites it acquired with the business but not to sites established after the purchase.

Strike first, talk second, says union

Unions say workers on paid rates awards are more likely to take industrial action to advance their bargaining position following an IRC full ruling yesterday.

9-day fortnight at Ford

Ford and auto unions have reached agreement on the introduction of a nine-day fortnight and salary packaging, as enterprise bargaining negotiations continue.

AWAs rife, pay buoyant in call centres

One in four call centres use AWAs for employees on the call centre floor, while base pay for contact centre (customer service) workers in the industry increased 4.1% in the past year - driven by pressure to attract good workers, according to a new survey.

MIM demarcation saga takes new turn

The AMWU's fight to be a party to all MIM's enterprise agreements is on again tomorrow before the President of the Qld IRC, David Hall.

Break-through deal at Rio Tinto coal mine

After a two-year hard-fought battle, the coal-mining "titans" - Rio Tinto and the CFMEU (mining & energy division) - have struck a new enterprise agreement for the Mt Thorley mine in the NSW Hunter Valley that gives the company the big ticket items it has been seeking.

Democrats say no to junior rates in AWAs

The Democrats have dealt the Government's IR reform agenda another blow, announcing yesterday that they would block moves to extend youth wages to AWAs.

Beazley bill reveals detail of Labor policy

Opposition Leader Kim Beazley's private member's bill amending the Workplace Relations Act fleshes out key parts of Labor's agenda - providing a process for the Commission to reinstate provisions lost through award simplification, requiring good faith bargaining and establishing new objects that give greater priority to employees, unions and the Commission's jurisdiction.

Labour hire taskforce seeks submissions

The NSW Labour Hire Task Force, which met for the first time on Monday, has asked for submissions on whether legislation should be drafted to clarify who is the legal employer of labour hire employees or whether a code of conduct would provide sufficient guidance.