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Bridge too far: ABCC targets Queensland project

The ABCC has warned contractors that they could contravene the BCIIP Act and the national construction code if they pay heed to Queensland Government procurement principles that apply to tenders for a $200m freeway bridge project.

Key union seeks to expunge Queensland pay cap

The UWU is seeking at this weekend's Queensland ALP conference to axe the Palaszczuk Government's public sector wage cap, which limits annual pay rises to 2.5%.

Queensland makes public sector employment more secure

In a significant development, Queensland's Palaszczuk Government has made permanent thousands of fixed-term employees, after conversion disputes started to bank up in the State Commission.

Union uses Queensland IRC safety jurisdiction for harassment case

The RTBU has used a relatively new Queensland IRC power to hear safety disputes to pursue an alleged sexual harassment case on behalf of an Aurizon train driver member who claims the company "washed its hands" of the matter on the basis that it occurred outside of work.

Tribunal throws out sacked CEO's reprisal claims

A Logan City Council chief executive who alleged she was sacked by elected members after accusing the mayor of corruption has had her adverse action and whistleblowing claims thrown out by Queensland's IRC.

Thommo pulls up stumps

John (Thommo) Thompson, who recently retired from the Queensland IRC after more than 20 years on the bench, says the tribunal has fared better than some its counterparts because of successive state governments' willingness to expand the matters within its ambit.

Exemplary damages against manager who demanded s-x for job

A laundromat owner-manager who demanded s-x in return for a job and continually subjected a casual worker to unwanted touching has been ordered to pay her $50,000, including $5000 in aggravated damages, and cover her legal costs.

Tribunal rejects employer's bid for "forced examination" of worker

A worker seeking damages for psychological injuries allegedly suffered as the result of sexual assaults does not have to be examined by a doctor nominated by her employer or provide evidence of her visa status, a tribunal has ruled.