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"Deplorable" HR approach worst I've seen: FWC member

A senior FWC member has held that an abusive "alt-right" employer unfairly sacked an apprentice for refusing to assist his pursuit of revenge against a former employee, describing the company managing director as having the most deplorable attitude to HR management she had ever encountered.

FWC takes big swing at "unprofessional" lawyers

A tribunal member has strongly rebuked a legal firm for its "unprofessional" behaviour in missing a deadline to file material, lamenting that unlike golf tee times, FWC directions cannot be changed "at a whim".

Compensation pared to maintain employer's viability

The FWC has substantially reduced the compensation payout to an underpaid sacked 457 visa worker because ordering a larger amount might have threatened his employer's viability.

Lack of HR expertise didn't excuse "shoddy" dismissal

A restaurant that required a chef to work more than 20 unpaid hours a week and summarily sacked him when he sought to pare it back and take leave was "blissfully unaware" of its award obligations, the FWC has found.

Worker blew last chance "spectacularly"; Alcoa strike; & more

Worker blew last chance "in spectacular fashion"; Alcoa mine and refinery workers down tools; Foreign pilots visa designed to drive down salaries: Union; Emergency services commissioner resigns over bullying.

Visa worker "ripe" for exploitation: FWC

In a ruling criticising the practice of diplomats recruiting domestic workers from overseas, the FWC has ordered Iraq's consul-general to pay $20,000 to a Filipina live-in nanny dismissed after raising concerns about her entitlements.

Breeder's dismissal process "gone to the dogs": FWC

The FWC has described a kennel hand's dismissal as so unfair "even the dogs in the street know" it, putting the labradoodle breeders on notice to take better care of their puppies than they do of the humans they employ.

Bench applies brake to bike mechanic's sacking

In a decision confirming that employers must "expressly" advise workers when their job is at risk and provide them enough time to demonstrate improvement, an FWC full bench has quashed a finding that a bike shop complied with the Small Business Unfair Dismissal Code when sacking one of its mechanics.