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Qantas worker's "free-pouring" defence rejected again

A Qantas flight attendant has failed in his second chance to have an FWC full bench overturn his dismissal for downing 14 standard drinks at a New York bar, rendering himself unfit for duty the following day.

Case to test employers' right to impose biometric bundy clocks

A full bench has allowed an employee to challenge his dismissal for refusing to use his employer's fingerprint scanning technology that monitored attendance and tracked shifts, finding the case raises "important, novel and emerging issues".

Deportation officer fairly sacked over airport lounge food raid: Bench

A Serco detainee officer has failed to overturn a finding that he was fairly dismissed for his flawed oversight of a high-risk deportation, allowing his team to remove refreshments from a Qantas lounge and letting the detainee make a withdrawal from an ATM.

Labour hire company sacked worker rejected by host: Bench

Labour hire company Spinifex Recruiting has again come under fire for its reliance on a "misnamed" temporary employment agreement, with an FWC full bench rejecting its argument that it did not dismiss a casual worker because its client merely exercised its discretion to terminate her assignment.

Bench quick to dismiss rabbi's seven-year-late application

An FWC full bench has refused a rabbi leave to appeal a decision rejecting his third set of unfair dismissal proceedings against his past employer, on the basis it was seven years out of time and had no prospect of success.

Reinstatement can't be challenged on basis it caused stress: Bench

A bus company's live-in general manager has failed to reverse an order reinstating a driver sacked after forcibly removing an abusive passenger, an FWC full bench refusing to admit fresh evidence that it would be detrimental to her health.