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Court imposes big fine for MUA's contempt

Victoria's Supreme Court has lobbed a $120,000 contempt fine against the CFMMEU for pre-amalgamation MUA leaders' speeches to picketers at a Melbourne container terminal, finding the union made a calculated decision that its interests would be well served by flouting "no go" orders.

Green light to contest labour hire "blacklisting"

Union activists allegedly "blacklisted" by a labour hire company and a host employer have been cleared by a tribunal to proceed with a test case under Victoria's equal opportunity laws.

"Blackmail" an afterthought, Boral executives admitted

Key witnesses in this week's collapsed criminal case against two Victorian CFMEU leaders told the Melbourne Magistrates Court that nobody mentioned the word "blackmail" to them until more than a year after a crucial meeting in April 2013.

Blackmail committal begins against Setka, Reardon

Boral chief executive Mike Kane is expected to be cross-examined next week by lawyers for Victorian CFMMEU leaders John Setka and Shaun Reardon, who today faced the first day of their committal hearing on blackmail charges in the Melbourne Magistrates Court.

No delay for damages case "shadowed" by union merger appeal

The Victorian Supreme Court has rejected an application by the CFMMEU to delay civil damages proceedings brought by the operator of Port of Melbourne's new "robo" terminal until its merger with the MUA and TCFU is bedded down.

Ill wind blows no good for bullying complaint

A court has thrown out an aggrieved former employee's bullying case, finding he could not substantiate claims of a "complex conspiracy" that involved a flatulent supervisor.

Unions seeking wage theft laws in Victoria

Victorian unions will push the Andrews Labor Government to make deliberate and dishonest "wage theft" a criminal offence if it wins the state election in November, while they will also be pursuing industrial manslaughter laws.