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ACTU to push Labor to review FWC's "stacked" deck

The composition and role of the Fair Work Commission "must be re-examined" due to Coalition governments appointing 20 consecutive members from an employer background, according to an internal ACTU report.

Reprieve for workers who rejected code-friendly changes

The FWC has approved a new code-compliant enterprise agreement between the CFMEU and a key Boral concreting subsidiary that provides a right for casuals to request permanency after six weeks.

FWO continuing Domino's investigation

The Fair Work Ombudsman is still working through store visits and audits of the Domino's pizza chain after allegations that it has underpaid workers, the watchdog has told a Senate Estimates hearing.

Building industry will stop, enough is enough, CFMEU warns

The CFMEU says it will organise national protests and work stoppages in coming weeks with support from other unions and the ACTU to protest the return of the ABCC and the accelerated implementation of the 2016 national construction code.