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$200K research brief to aid Government casuals campaign

The Morrison Government has signed a $198,000 contract for market research that might inform an advertising campaign to sell the changes in the IR omnibus bill that is before the Senate.

IR Bill to offer definition of casual work

The Morrison Government's IR omnibus Bill will for the first time introduce a statutory definition of casual work as being employment that is offered without any "firm advance commitment" it will continue indefinitely and follow an agreed pattern of work.

Workpac wins chance to overturn Rossato judgment

The High Court has today granted labour hire company Workpac special leave to challenge the full Federal Court's momentous Rossato casual employment ruling.

Policy left employer with no choice but to sack worker: Bench

A SA youth worker sacked after he was deemed "psychologically unsuitable" has failed to overturn a finding that his employer had no option because of the job's inherent requirement that he pass the psychometric test.

HR manager allegedly threatened to "eliminate" worker

A small employer must pay a former casual employee almost $15,000 after claims its HR manager threatened to "eliminate" her if she did not work extra unpaid hours to make up for JobKeeper payments received while she was sick.

National Library brought to book over unpaid penalty rates

The National Library of Australia has avoided becoming the second federal public body forced to make a "contrition payment" to the FWO, after admitting to underpaying casual employees almost $250,000 over two decades.

FWC bench rejects employer argument over casuals' overtime

The FWC has in varying 97 awards to address casuals' overtime payments rejected employer arguments that its application of a compounding formula in the aged care sector contradicts the "widely accepted" proposition that penalties should not be applied to loadings.