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FWC shoots down COVID-19 "one employer policy"

The FWC has shot down an aged care home's "one employer policy" introduced in the chaotic early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, ordering it to re-engage a part-time musical therapist jettisoned after she continued to work at three other facilities.

Tribunal offers blueprint for COVID-19 consultation

The FWC has given Santos, and AWU and the AMWU a recommended framework for consulting over pandemic-related proposals such as quarantining, suggesting they discuss current disputes concerning the gas giant's Cooper Basin workforce with a view to putting it into practice.

"Late starter" denied flexitime: Claim

A worker who describes herself as a "late starter" is seeking either reinstatement or almost $1 million, claiming the Defence Department dismissed her for numerous prohibited reasons including her age and complaints about being denied flexible working hours.

Junk onerous casual conversion process: Fast food giant

McDonald's, the sole corporation to make a submission to the Omnibus Bill inquiry, is calling for substantial amendments to casual conversion provisions and the BOOT, indicating the legislation's changes to the latter are insufficient to renew its interest in enterprise bargaining.

Omnibus IR Bill "a deeply flawed initiative": Academics

The Morrison Government's plan to allow the FWC to approve agreements that fail the BOOT to help employers hit by the coronanvirus would "tear a gaping hole" in the award safety net, according to a group of leading labour law experts.

Umpire cautions Canberra against agreement deadlines

The FWC has warned the Morrison Government that its legislative plan to set a 21-day deadline for approval of enterprise agreements is "unnecessary and will have unintended consequences that are contrary to the interests of the bargaining parties".

WA tells Canberra to scrap BOOT change; Victoria laments lost opportunity

Ahead of hearings in Townsville on Monday into the Omnibus Bill, Victoria's Andrews Government has described the legislation as a "lost opportunity", while WA's McGowan Government has urged the Morrison Government to abandon its provision to permit approval of short-term substandard agreements.

Labor sets up IR omnibus Bill roadblock

The ALP caucus today resolved to oppose the Morrison Government's Omnibus IR Bill in its entirety, in a major shift from the more cooperative approach taken towards emergency legislation last year at the height of the pandemic.

BHP subsidiary undermining bargaining: FWC

A BHP subsidiary has been hit with a slew of bargaining orders after an FWC presidential member found it repeatedly shifted the goalposts over two years to delay making an agreement with coal mine supervisors.

Tribunal backs workers after virus-driven stand down

The FWC has ordered an aged care provider to restore leave days to employees it directed to stay away from work over COVID-19 transmission fears, observing "it's just the right thing to do".