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Coronavirus risks justify entry curbs, FWC rules

The CFMMEU's MUA division has failed to convince a senior FWC member that it is unreasonable to refuse entry to an offshore vessel to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission and to instead require it to use a landside meeting room.

"Croc hunter" might be personally liable for entry-breach fines

A self-confessed "smart-arse" organiser, who claimed to be crocodile hunter Steve Irwin after he entered a NSW building site for a safety inspection while under a Queensland permit, might be personally liable for any penalties.

Unfit meeting room didn't justify abusing ER specialists: Judge

An employer's insistence that a union organiser conduct meetings with members at a remote construction site in a non-airconditioned shipping container that reached temperatures of 50 degrees celsius did not excuse his abusive response, the Federal Court has ruled.

FWC upholds Baiada ban on union officials' mobiles and tablets

The FWC has accepted the legitimacy of a Baiada policy that bans NUW officials, when exercising their entry rights to hold discussions with employees, from carrying mobiles and tablets that are capable of taking photos or video on its sites, but has re-listed the matter to consider "alternative solutions".

Ross rejects Lend Lease bid for full bench right of entry hearing

Major builder Lend Lease has lost its bid to have a full FWC bench hear its allegations of multiple right of entry breaches by the building unions, while the MBA is arguing for the national adoption of Queensland's restrictions on right of entry under WHS laws.