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Union membership continues decline

Union membership has dropped from 14.6% to 14.3% over the past two years, according to ABS data released today.

PABO process undermines democracy: Research

While union members tend to drive decisions to apply for pre-strike ballot orders and take protected action, the voting itself is less democratic, according to a book exploring how the regulatory environment can compromise democratic processes.

Most flexibility requests granted, but room to improve: Report

The NSW public sector granted more than 87% of women's requests for flexible work ahead of COVID-19, according to a large PSA member survey that says the pandemic has proved there is still room for improvement in the Berejiklian Government's "if not why not" policy.

Unions set to endorse WFH rights charter

The ACTU's national executive is today debating a Working from Home Charter of Rights, which will call for those working remotely to enjoy pay and conditions equal to those offered to on-site employees and have access to arbitration of disputes.

Watch out for workplace surveillance, data collection: Unions

The Berejiklian Government needs to pressure its federal counterpart over gig economy minimum wages and conditions and regulate the use of workplace surveillance and data, according to a Unions NSW submission to a parliamentary inquiry into the future of work.

Bench reserves on COVID-19 vehicle award variation

An FWC full bench has today reserved its decision on proposed coronavirus-driven changes to the vehicle award, after a service stations peak body said reduction of hours provisions are "useless" due to minimum pay floors.

"Undermined" members contributing to union's crisis: Paper

The AMWU's failure to reverse falling membership despite a succession of growth strategies highlights the limitations of "organising" to counter external threats, according to research suggesting members can themselves become a barrier to renewal.

Casual pay premium a myth: ACTU paper

The ACTU has released a new paper which argues that most casual workers get nowhere near the 25% loading due to them, instead receiving a "modest wage premium" of 4% to 5% more than permanent employees.