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RSPCA gone to the dogs: Claim

RSPCA Queensland's former general manager and chief financial officer are suing it for allegedly subjecting them to sham redundancies in retaliation for "whistleblowing" corruption claims levelled at its chief executive, a HR manager and others.

Sub-CPI minimum pay rise would be a cut: Victoria

Victoria's Andrews Labor Government is calling for an increase of at least the CPI - currently 3.5% - to the federal minimum wage and all modern award rates on the basis that consumer price inflation movements mean anything less would be a pay cut.

Cash appoints judge, won't be drawn on FWC jobs

Attorney General and IR Minister Michaelia Cash has today appointed a senior Sydney IR and employment silk as a Federal Court judge, while she has refused to confirm whether she intends to make any FWC appointments ahead of the Government going into caretaker mode.

Employer body backs minimum pay rise of up to 3%

A large employer organisation has called for the FWC to award minimum pay rises of 2.5% to 3% to help maintain living standards amid rising inflation, albeit with pay rises delayed for industries hardest hit by the pandemic.

Kitching's HSU days "hardened" her for politics: Tributes

Parliamentarians leading tributes to former Labor Senator Kimberley Kitching have recalled her pride in and lessons learned from her brief time in the scandal-plagued Health Services Union, with a Coalition minister acknowledging the period had "hardened" her for politics.

Court reinforces that contract is now king

In a case applying the High Court's new guidelines on contractors, a judge has rejected a worker's bid for leave, super and redundancy payments after finding he was not an employee despite averaging 38 hours a week over eight years for a solitary employer.

Unions seek 5% rise in minimum rates

The ACTU will pursue a 5% increase across all award rates in this year's minimum wage review, arguing it is needed to compensate workers for cost of living pressures.

NZ government moves on industry-wide bargaining

New Zealand's Ardern Labour Government has introduced legislation to enable occupational and industry-wide bargaining where unions can demonstrate worker support, or it passes a public interest test.

High Court judges held to new standards of conduct

High Court employees accusing judges of inappropriate conduct can request formal external investigations, avoid further contact and if necessary secure an alternative position of equivalent status under a new policy on justices' workplace conduct.