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Stockbroker's commission-based advisor launches underpay claim

Leading wealth management company Ord Minnett is facing a $230,000 underpayment claim from a commission-based former advisor who is pursuing his minimum award rate and leave entitlements dating back to 2015, plus penalties.

Ross calls conference to weigh COVID-19 outbreak award changes

FWC President Iain Ross will next week convene a private conference of employers groups, unions and federal and NSW governments to canvass possible temporary changes to awards in response to the COVID-19 lockdown in Greater Sydney, after a request today from the ACTU.

Coles' LSL underpayments go to "very guts" of issue: Magistrate

Coles has avoided millions of dollars in penalties for underpaying Victorian workers after relying on an agreement clause that conflicts with State long service leave laws, leaving a court concerned its "paltry" $50,000 fine sets a poor precedent.

FWO underpayment case should be scrapped: Recycler

The FWO "uncritically" accepted an employment agency's assertions about the correct award to apply to underpayment claims before prematurely issuing compliance notices, an employer alleges.

Ex-chief seeking $1M payout after corruption charges dropped

A former Orix chief executive allegedly sacked without notice while facing corruption charges that were later dropped is now suing the company for more than $1 million in accrued entitlements he claims to be owed plus penalties.

FWC decries "unedifying" motivation in seniority case

The FWC has avoided "unconscionable injustice" to a female Qantas pilot, finding it lacked the power to deal with colleagues' belated challenge to her seniority during a COVID-19-driven "every man for themselves" scramble for the lifeboats.

FWC asks Canberra to clarify wage rise funding

The FWC has given the Federal Government a fortnight to reply to unions' requests for detailed data on aged care funding and its willingness to cover any increases awarded in their work value claims, after the tribunal agreed to join three HSU and ANMF applications.

Sacking cancer-stricken worker adverse action: Court

A diamond retailer held to have sacked a sales manager diagnosed with breast cancer because she planned to take leave to recover from surgery is facing penalties and a compensation bill in the Federal Circuit Court.

Court backs docking pay for "make-safe" actions

An employer rightly deducted 12 hours' pay from mineworkers who took as little as five minutes to secure their machinery and make it safe in preparation for protected action on five occasions across three days, the Federal Court has held.