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NZ government moves on industry-wide bargaining

New Zealand's Ardern Labour Government has introduced legislation to enable occupational and industry-wide bargaining where unions can demonstrate worker support, or it passes a public interest test.

"Defective" NERR basis for scope orders: FWC bench

In a decision closely examining the FWC's powers to make scope orders, a full bench majority has found that an employer's failure to spell out classifications for a proposed agreement rendered the process "defective".

FWC reinstates Qantas trainer accused of staring at breasts

The FWC has ordered Qantas to reinstate a trainer accused of inappropriately staring at a female employee's breasts during a "distinguishably lewd" safety demonstration, while taking aim at a "ludicrous" video it used to demonstrate s-xual harassment.

Compensation denied after post-sacking threat

A FWC member has applied the "well known 'duck principle'" in holding that a tyre recycling company suspected of phoenixing unfairly sacked a worker who complained about unpaid superannuation, before threatening to kill a director.

Compensation for public servant sacked over Hitler post

A child protection public servant who claimed on Facebook that the military would remove kids from unvaccinated parents and depicted the former NSW premier as Hitler has won compensation after a tribunal found circumstances rendered her dismissal harsh.

Tribunal makes second substantive anti-harassment ruling

In what appears to be its second substantive ruling in its new anti-sexual-harassment jurisdiction, the FWC has found that a supervisor sexually harassed a casual chef when he badgered her to have sex with him, but has thrown out the case because the victim is no longer with the employer.

Vax mandate attached new "regulatory requirement" to job: FWC

In a thinly-veiled shot at a tribunal colleague who used her position to criticise vaccine mandates, a senior FWC member has emphasised that it is not for the Commission to undermine the law by entertaining parties' "alternative policy preferences".

Lawyer entitled to "fruits of victory": Court

The Federal Court has rejected a law firm's attempt to stay payment of compensation awarded to a junior solicitor, the judge finding he is "entitled to the fruits of his victory" while the judgment is appealed.

SA Labor Government to move on wage theft, labour hire

South Australia's new Premier, Peter Malinauskas, takes office on a platform that includes introducing jail time for the worst cases of wage theft, creating an offence of industrial manslaughter and extending labour hire regulation across all industries.

Reinstatement for FIFO worker unable to make COVID-19 relocation

The FWC has given an energy company until tomorrow to reinstate a Queensland-based FIFO worker who proved unable to return to WA in time for his roster at the Montara offshore oilfield during the McGowan Government's rapidly-changing COVID-19 restrictions.