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Income growth will slow, report predicts

Forty years from now, Australia's ageing population will have reduced the country's total workforce participation rate to 62%, income growth will have slowed, and the average annual wage will be $117,300, according to the Treasury's latest long-term forecast, released today.

Unions take battle against NSW Government to ILO

With legal avenues exhausted in their battles with the NSW government over public sector wages, superannuation and redundancy, unions have today lodged a complaint with the ILO and requested a formal investigation into the state's bargaining laws.

Tribunal praises mining giant's HR management practices

The Fair Work Commission has commended BHP Coal's approach to disciplining a tanker driver whose unintentional overwatering of a road at its Peak Downs Mine caused a rollover that wrote off a $1.2m truck and injured a colleague.

FWC to spruik interest-based bargaining

Senior FWC members will head up enterprise bargaining and dispute resolution workshops in a pilot to kick off in Sydney next month, as part of the tribunal's broader strategy to encourage more productive workplaces.

NSW power unions seeking pre-election job security guarantee

NSW power unions are pushing for a job security clause to cover thousands of workers at the state's two biggest "poles and wires" network businesses, which have been earmarked for privatisation if the Coalition is returned in March.

Workers who breached safety rules get jobs back

Two mineworkers sacked for breaching "lifesaving" rules at a mine owned and operated by BHP Coal have been reinstated after the Fair Work Commission found their dismissals disproportionate and inconsistent.

FWC probes link between enterprise bargaining and productivity

Almost half of federally registered enterprise agreements contain general commitments to improve productivity and a high proportion identify specific productivity measures, but their effectiveness is difficult to measure, according to a new FWC report.

Trouble in Geneva: right to strike under fire

An eminent UK academic says employers are stepping up their attack on an internationally-recognised right to strike, with unions responding by pushing for the issue to be resolved once and for all by the International Court of Justice.