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Full court slashes fines after ABCC's "confused" case

A full Federal Court has halved fines imposed on the CFMMEU and one of its officials after finding that the evidence in the ABCC's "factually confused" case failed to establish that an official pushed over a project manager during an entry dispute.

Government chases fines for striking nurses

The Perrottet Government's legal action over strikes by NSW public health nurses seeks to impose fines on their union, while also offering a pathway to pursue deregistration.

Hike for workers on "problematic" annualised salaries

Hospitality workers on at least 25% above-award annualised salaries will earn overtime for such work beyond 12 hours a week or penalty rates for working more than 18 penalty rate hours, but the FWC concedes the minimum is "nowhere near enough" to compensate many.

Pay cut not a dismissal: FWC bench

In a significant decision regarding the statutory meaning of "dismissed", a five-member FWC bench majority has ruled that an employer did not sack a worker when it shaved almost 10% off his annual pay for disciplinary reasons.

$150,000 in damages after s-xual harassment, assault

A tribunal has awarded a s-xually harassed and assaulted beauty therapist $150,000 in general damages, equal to $70 per day for the six years she has suffered and will likely continue to suffer the effects of the conduct.

ANAO ordered to reinstate COVID-vulnerable WFH auditor

The FWC has taken the National Audit Office to task for revoking permission for a veteran public servant "at increased risk" from COVID-19 to work from home and then sacking her after she refused to return to Canberra while she cared for her dying uncle at their second residence.

Aged care bench willing to make site visits: Ross

A FWC full bench has agreed to inspect nursing homes when it starts hearing an aged care work value case later this month, while Labor has backpedalled on a plan to require facilities to roster registered nurses on 24/7 by July next year.

Worker's implications sailed close to the wind: FWC

A support worker came close to committing an offence when she implied that an FWC presidential member behaved in an unusual manner and interfered to reduce her settlement during a conciliation conference.

NSW government "trying to silence" nurses' union: NSWNMA

The NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association faces the possibility of big fines after NSW Health initiated legal action alleging that its recent industrial action breached IRC anti-strike orders.