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Federal Court confirms limits on motel sex case

In an important decision concerning injuries sustained by an employee while working, the Federal Court has rejected an employer's push to expand the application of the High Court's infamous "motel sex" decision.

PPL changes will increase complexity and cost for employers: ACCI

Employers are likely to maintain their own paid parental leave schemes even if the Abbott Government's proposed Bill to prevent so-called parent "double-dipping" into government and employer-funded schemes becomes law, according to a key employer group.

Lewin signs off after long career

Long-serving Fair Work Commissioner John Lewin retires this week after nearly 30 years of conciliating and arbitrating industrial disputes.

FWC tightens long-service leave practice in coal loader agreement

The FWC has rejected the CFMEU's claim that the Port Kembla Coat Terminal enterprise agreement allows the "sandwiching" of long service and annual leave and has instead preferred the employer's view that long service leave cannot be broken up and substituted for periods of annual leave for the ultimate benefit of the employee.

$800,000 payout reduced in long-running "closed shop" case

A full bench of the Federal Court has roughly halved the compensation awarded to a married couple who were prevented from working for Skilled Group's Offshore Marine Services, after the MUA appealed the way the payout was assessed.