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FWC full bench rules BHP's vax mandate "unreasonable"

In a decision that threatens to undermine employer attempts to impose COVID-19 vaccination mandates, a five-member FWC bench has ruled BHP failed to adequately consult with workers at its Mt Arthur mine before announcing deadlines on site access.

Government should send wharf disputes straight to FWC, says NFF

The National Farmers' Federation has called on the Federal Government to refer maritime industrial disputes straight to the FWC for arbitration, as one of several moves to improve international freight supply chains.

Government "will take action" if wharf strikes resume: Morrison

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has pledged to intervene if the MUA resumes protected strikes at Patrick stevedores this month, while taking longer-term action on restrictive content imposed by the union in enterprise agreements.

Union slugged millions after rumination on "just" compensation

In a ruling giving close consideration to how compensation is assessed, the Federal Court has ordered the MUA to pay more than $2 million to Qube Logistics and Patrick stevedores over unlawful wharf stoppages in 2017.

Teachers set to defy anti-strike orders

The NSW Teachers Federation insists that problems within the profession are "too large" for it to comply with "unprecedented" orders to call off a planned one-day strike and refrain from any further action for six months.

Perrottet Government trying to halt teachers' strike

The NSW Education Department is seeking NSW IRC orders to stop teachers from going ahead with a pay strike next week, with State Education Minister Sarah Mitchell accusing the Teachers Federation of "bully boy tactics" and the union claiming it has no other option.

Five-member bench reserves on BHP vax case

BHP has a "compelling safety case" for introducing a mandatory vaccination policy to control COVID-19 at its mine sites, a five-member Fair Work Commission full bench heard today.

BHP wants secrecy cloak over vax case evidence

BHP Billiton has filed evidence from high-profile epidemiologist Professor Marylouise McLaws in defence of the company's workplace vaccination mandate at its Mt Arthur coal mine.

Protected strikes "a simple concept": Bench

In a significant ruling reinforcing the need for strict adherence to strike laws, the CFMMEU has failed to overturn a finding that an employer rightly deducted 12 hours' pay from mineworkers who took a total of about 30 minutes across three days to secure their machinery in preparation for protected action.