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Beer gift enough to warrant recusal: FWC

A senior FWC member has sidelined himself from two unfair dismissal claims against Coopers Brewery after disclosing that he accepted donated beer for a 2014 fundraiser.

Coalition moderates major project deals policy

The Coalition has today revealed a pre-election compromise position on its long-held push for "life-of-project" agreements, which would have a maximum term of six years, down on the eight-year regime jettisoned from its IR Omnibus Bill, but unions say it amounts to another Government strategy to cap pay rises.

FWC backs BHP's sacking of breast-grabbing mineworker

In a case that illustrates sexual harassment problems at remote mine sites, the Commission has upheld BHP Billiton's sacking of a service technician after he groped and pursued two young female cleaners, prompting one to leave the "too unsafe to return" worksite.

Discrimination in gender-biased pay arrangements: Court

Victoria's Supreme Court has ruled that an employer might have treated a manager unfavourably because of her age and sex when it ignored her repeated requests to provide her similar over-agreement pay rates to those afforded to male colleagues, while it has also found that the State's equal opportunity laws enable consideration of "unconscious bias".

$181K fine for listed company that stalled wage increase

Australia's largest bus operator has been fined $181,000 after a judge considered an internal email to its chief executive warning of the "very real possibility of being accused of 'wage theft'" if it did not pay more than 750 drivers an overdue wage increase.

High Court rules on traumatised lawyer's case

The High Court has today unanimously found that a lawyer diagnosed with PTSD and depression after working in the Victorian public prosecutor's unit that handles s-xual offences, including those involving children, would have cooperated with steps by her employer to shift her to another area of its operations.

ABCC can go for throat after High Court penalties win

The High Court has today unanimously ruled that judges can take into account the CFMMEU's history of contraventions when assessing fines for breaches of industrial laws, clearing the way for the ABCC to seek maximum penalties for relatively minor infractions.

Coles, Woolies face 7-week trial over alleged underpayments

The Federal Court has set a seven-week trial to hear Adero Law's class actions against Coles and Woolworths in tandem with FWO underpayment claims against the retailers, while the law firm seeks about a third of a $2.2 million settlement with Drakes and Foodland.