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FWO seeks record $3.55m fine, wins $38,000

A judge has today comprehensively rejected an FWO attempt to rewrite the way courts assess fines for unlawful strikes, ordering the CFMMEU's MUA division to pay $38,000 for a solitary contravention after the watchdog sought $3.6 million in penalties for more than 500 breaches.

Watchdog seeks record fine to punish MUA

The FWO is seeking to fine the CFMMEU's MUA division more than $3.5 million for unlawful industrial action against Hutchison Ports, using a novel argument that historic contraventions of the same Fair Work Act provision denies the union the benefit of the legislation's single course of conduct mechanism.

No delay for damages case "shadowed" by union merger appeal

The Victorian Supreme Court has rejected an application by the CFMMEU to delay civil damages proceedings brought by the operator of Port of Melbourne's new "robo" terminal until its merger with the MUA and TCFU is bedded down.

Not quite Kumbaya, but ugly Oaky North dispute finally over

Glencore's Oaky North coal mine workers have voted to accept the same in-principle agreement that they rejected in January, with the CFMMEU crediting its successful FWC bid to pause a bitter seven-month lockout with creating the right environment to break the deadlock.

Another fiery picket to come under FWO microscope

The FWO has again taken a bead on union behaviour, confirming today that it is investigating industrial action at the Oaky North mine in Queensland, where about 190 workers remain locked out after more than 200 days.

Union pursued over "coercive" campaign material

The Federal Court will consider whether a series of NTEU social media posts, campaign materials and protests constitute "coercive acts" that are disproportionate to any legitimate interests the union might have had in wanting to stop Murdoch University from terminating its 2014 agreement.

FWO puts MUA under microscope over Webb Dock picket

The FWO is investigating protests at Melbourne's Webb Dock during the MUA's dispute with stevedore VICT which, despite Victorian Supreme Court cease-orders, continued until the worker's temporary reinstatement last Friday.