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Workplace deaths prompt new OHS offence in Queensland

Queensland's Palaszczuk Labor Government has committed to introducing a new offence of "negligence causing death", adopting an interim recommendation from the head of its OHS review.

Victorian labour hire licensing could be cross-sector

Victoria's Andrews Government says it will legislate for a state-based labour hire licensing scheme that might not be limited to the three sectors recommended by last year's labour hire inquiry, while it will push Canberra to establish a national scheme.

FWC permits ABCC to rely on evidence of CFMEU pattern of conduct

The FWC will allow the ABCC to include material the CFMEU claims is prejudicial in its application to axe the entry permits of three officials who allegedly abused their rights when they visited Lend Lease sites in 2014.

Court rejects claim that employer agreed to remove restraints

A court has temporarily restrained a business development manager, accused of stealing her employer's "trade secrets", from continuing to operate her own enterprise despite her claims that the employer agreed to remove restrictions on her before she resigned.

$150,000 compensation after "s-x romp" prank backfires

A cleaner who was tricked into believing that he was cleaning up after a "s-x romp" in a school staff room and then developed psychological problems as a result of his "deep humiliation" has been awarded more than $150,000 in compensation.

$300,000 in damages for s-xual assault at work

A tribunal has ordered a hotel and its night caretaker to pay more than $300,000 in damages for the s-xual assault of a female employee after he appeared naked in her bedroom and made unsolicited advances.

WA construction code to apply from January 1

Western Australia's Barnett Coalition Government has unveiled a construction code that will regulate the IR practices of tenderers for state-funded projects worth more than $10 million from January 1.