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Pilots' union membership pitch could cover "any person, anywhere": Qantas

As the Australian Federation of Air Pilots seeks talks with objectors to its membership rule change bid before heading to the FWC in a fortnight, Qantas has labelled it "so broad" that it could extend to "any person anywhere", including pilots based outside Australia or employed by foreign entities.

Unions vie for territory in Amazon's digital space

The NUW plans to mount a concerted push to unionise Amazon's new warehouse operations in Australia, but may face competition from the SDA for members at the online retail giant.

45 outstanding penalty cases should halt super-merger: Employers

Employers opposing the merger of the CFMEU, MUA and TCFU have warned the FWC that the unions would use their combined might to cripple the resource and construction industries, but they argue that in any case more than 45 pending penalty proceedings should legally disqualify them from amalgamating.

High Court rules unions can represent "eligible" non-members

The High Court has confirmed that unions are entitled to run underpayment and other contravention cases for un-named classes of employees who are eligible for membership but are not members, paving the way for a pilots union to advance an adverse action claim on behalf of Regional Express cadets.

FWC proposes hearing date for CFMEU merger

Time is running out for the Turnbull Government to pass its Bill to impose a public interest test on union mergers before the FWC considers green-lighting the CFMEU, MUA and TCFU amalgamation, with the tribunal planning to conduct a hearing in early February.

Result awaited as union merger ballot closes

The ballots of MUA and TCFU members to determine whether they support amalgamation with the CFMEU closed today with a high turnout for an internal union vote.

High Court reserves on union representation case

The High Court has reserved judgment after this week hearing regional airline Rex's challenge to a union's entitlement to represent the industrial interests of eligible non-members as it pursues an adverse action claim on behalf of cadet pilots and prospective employees.

Korean Workers Union to share member list with objectors

The FWC has ordered a new organisation for workers employed by Korean businesses to disclose its membership list to employer associations and unions opposing its expanding application for registration as a union.