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Virgin supplier makes new deal to accommodate growth

Virgin Blue's fast-growing outsourced baggage and check-in provider at some ports, Aero-Care, has struck a new non-union agreement to provide additional classifications for supervisors.

VCAT grants EO exemption for cultural and welfare reasons

The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal has granted the YMCA (Carlton Parkville Youth Services) an exemption from provisions of the Equal Opportunity Act that normally require that all jobs be open to applicants of both sexes.

Alcoa wins workplace excellence award

The use of a leadership forum for site managers and union delegates to promote good industrial relations has led to Alcoa World Alumina Australia’s Point Henry Smelter winning two of the Victorian Government's 2004 Workplace Excellence Awards.

Some HR directors topping $1m mark

About half a dozen top HR directors are on packages of a million dollars or more, HR recruiter Chris Le Coic told a conference yesterday

Female casuals discriminated against on basis of gender

In an important ruling, the NSW Court of Appeal has ruled that 13 female long-term casual state school teachers were subjected to indirect discrimination when they were denied access to a pay scale that allowed permanent employees to earn up to $10,000 more each year.

Victorian women still earn less, get sacked for being pregnant

Victorian women are earning on average about 15% less than their male counterparts, still getting sacked for becoming pregnant and suffering more discrimination, according to the 2003-04 annual report of the Victorian Equal Opportunity Commission.

Maximum compensation for ageist dismissal

The WA IRC has found a 60-year old stock controller's forced redundancy after 23 years was in fact an unfair dismissal "tainted with ageism", and awarded him the maximum compensation available.