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Westpac pays 4% increase; CBA opposes FSU shareholder resolution

Westpac has announced today that it will pay its 22,000 Australian employees a 4% pay rise from October 1 despite failing to conclude bargaining negotiations with the FSU, while the CBA - which is in a protracted bargaining dispute with the union - will oppose a resolution the FSU is putting to its November 5 AGM.

Housing agency introduces purchased leave scheme

Defence Housing Authority employees have won the right to purchase up to four weeks annual leave, under a new s170LK enterprise agreement certified by the AIRC today.

Overweight coal miner's battle with Anglo Coal pays off in ADT

An overweight coal miner sacked three times by Anglo Coal's Capcoal operations for being unfit for work has won a discrimination claim against the company after it then refused to let him on site at a different mine.

Two out of three big manufacturers can't get skilled workers: AIG survey

Almost two-thirds of manufacturers employing more than 100 people are experiencing difficulty in recruiting skilled workers, underlining the need for business and government to develop strategies to close the "skills gap", according to the Australian Industry Group.

Democrats push for work and family legislation

A standalone Work and Family Act containing new legal rights would be established, along with a Work and Family Commissioner to oversee it, while working parents would be entitled to up to 30 hours a week of free childcare, under the work/life policy the Democrats will take to the October 9 federal election.

Queensland company liable for pregnancy discrimination

A Cairns adventure tourism operator has been ordered to pay a former manager $26,750 in damages, lost earnings and interest after being found to have discriminated against her on the basis of her pregnancy and parental status.