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APS bargaining policy constrains pay rises for RBA workforce

Just a week after RBA Governor Philip Lowe called for workers to push for bigger wage rises, the FWC has approved a deal that secures increases of just 2% a year for his own 1000-strong workforce, but with the prospect, for some, of also winning performance-based bonuses.

Wages fix about bargaining "where the power is": ACTU

Expanding on its theme that the wages system is "broken", the ACTU will seek to change workplace laws so workers and unions can bargain "where the power is" across industries and franchised employers, rather than being limited to the enterprise level.

Union must name workers for FWC to resolve dispute

The FWC has confirmed it has the power to determine a dispute between labour supplier WorkPac and the CFMEU over pay cuts at a Rio Tinto coal mine, but its intervention is conditional on the union naming the employees involved.

Reserve Bank sees "larger" wage rises ahead in expanding economy

RBA Governor Philip Lowe today used a House committee public hearing to restate his view that Australia's recent record of negligable wage growth may be nearing an end, suggesting that an improving local outlook amid a rebounding global economy would see increased pressure on employers to share the proceeds.

Government data shows big rise in agreement terminations

The number of enterprise agreements terminated by the FWC has accelerated dramatically in recent years, particularly for relatively small union-negotiated deals in the construction and manufacturing sectors, according to the Department of Employment.

Victorian nurses' deal secures pay rises for eight years

Victoria's public sector nurses and midwives have overwhelmingly accepted a four-year deal that aims to achieve pay parity with their better-remunerated NSW counterparts and secures a further three wage increases in the next-generation agreement.