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Employer body seeking to stymie union organising alliance

An employer association has begun probing the alliance between the AWU and the CFFMMEU's MUA division that seeks to build membership in the offshore oil and gas sector, arguing that it creates a conflict of the interest for the organisers involved.

Professional association brings on stoush over bargaining role

A Queensland professional association that markets itself as a cheaper, apolitical alternative to unions is calling on the FWC to force a major employer to seat it at the same table during bargaining meetings, ahead of its planned expansion by the end of the year.

Unattended petition enough to win majority support determination

The FWC has further clarified the circumstances in which the signatures of a majority of workers can compel an employer to bargain with a union, finding that inviting employees to add their names to a petition occasionally left in an unlocked car did not reduce its force.

Claimants multiply as labour supplier buckles before underpayment test case

A lawyer representing five labour hire fruit pickers who withdrew an underpayments test case after winning a $150,000 settlement says he would welcome a "global settlement" for other claimants, while the employer accuses the NUW of funding the litigation in an effort to extend its patch.

Reasonable to deny employee day off at peak time: FWC

The FWC has recommended that an employer release an AWU delegate an hour early to catch a flight to the union's annual women's conference, finding it not unreasonable under the terms of its agreement to refuse her a full day off during sugarcane crushing season.

Money-change business switched awards to cut penalties: FSU

The FSU has asked the Federal Court to rule that a global currency exchange company is covered by the banking, finance and insurance award, claiming it shifted to the retail award after the recent reduction in penalty rates.

FWC blows cover of union's "concerned citizen"

The FWC has slammed the door on a union's persistent efforts to get around coverage issues by installing an "independent" bargaining representative to conduct negotiations on behalf of Linfox tanker drivers, finding it "fanciful" to suggest he was simply acting in a private capacity.