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Union call centre activism sparking employer IR interest

While the union movement's targeting of call centres has received a lot of attention, the counterpart to its activist agenda is that employers in the growth industry have also been looking for collective representation, and the AiG has stepped up to the role.

CFMEU to implement more bans at Yallourn

The CFMEU (mining & energy division) has notified Yallourn Energy that it is taking further industrial action this week, as the company prepares to argue that the bargaining periods covering its Latrobe Valley power generator should be terminated.

Reith still pushing private mediation

Workplace Relations Minister Peter Reith has not given up on amending the WR Act to provide a greater role for private mediation despite his proposals being rejected last year along with the rest of his second-wave bill.

Unions target Email in Campaign 2000

The metal industry unions in Victoria have notified icon company Email that it will be subject to a one-day state-wide strike next week, in the first sign of significant industrial action since Campaign 2000 officially began on July 1.

CBA boosts pay offer

The FSU says it wants a larger guaranteed pay increase than the Commonwealth Bank's revised offer of 6.5% over two years plus performance pay - up from its original 4% plus performance pay offer.

PC says ABS data overestimates casuals by 100%

The Productivity Commission has raised doubts about the widely-held view that precarious employment is on the rise, after a Commission research paper identified that ABS data overestimates numbers of casuals by 100%.

Wake-up call for call centre managers?

Intensive monitoring, poor training and support and substandard work environments are causing high stress levels among call centre workers and reducing their ability to provide quality customer service, a major national survey has shown.

Dry argument over brewery bargaining

CUB and unions covering workers at the company's two Victorian breweries are in the IRC tomorrow over work bans on the handling and distribution of Victorian Bitter that were imposed yesterday as part of a bargaining dispute.

Goluzd leaving ABL

There has been a change at the top of the legal arm of employer organisation Australian Business Limited (ABL), with managing partner Jack Goluzd officially finishing up tomorrow.

Earnings up, but pundits urge caution

Average weekly earnings have increased sharply in the June quarter, according to the ABS, but analysts are warning that the ABS data overstates the upward movement.