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CUB settlement in line with Campaign 2000

The settlement of the dispute between CUB and its production employees in Melbourne this week shows that Campaign 2000 is spreading beyond the metal industry.

BHP signs break-out deal, as unions prepare for action

The metal industry unions in Victoria today claimed a big scalp in Campaign 2000, with BHP agreeing to the break-out deal provisions plus more to settle the dispute at its OneSteel tube mill in Sunshine, Victoria.

Full $15 flow-on in Queensland

The Queensland IRC has passed on the full $15 living wage increase to low paid workers in the state from September 1.

FSU moderates CBA pay claim

The FSU has reduced its 13% over two years pay claim at the Commonwealth Bank in a bid to reach settlement, with an amended claim for a guaranteed increase of 8.5% over two years for most employees, plus performance pay averaging 2%.

Dividends, not wages, for Impulse workers

New domestic airline entrant Impulse Airlines is pursuing an IR strategy that is a radical departure from aviation industry norms, with its pilots and flight attendants provided by a labour supplier, engaged as contractors and rewarded with dividends rather than wages.

MUA-HTS seeks s127 orders against Esso

The MUA's shelf company, MUA-HTS, applied yesterday for a s127 order against Esso, claiming it has directed offshore oil employees in the Bass Strait to work in contravention of what the non-union employees claim are protected bans.

$25,000 sex harassment damages payout

The HREOC has ordered a company and a male employee to pay $25,000 in damages for sexually harassing, sexually discriminating against and victimising a female employee.

Capral case defines high OHS fines for NSW

Capral Aluminium Limited's failed appeal against a $150,000 OHS fine should help clarify the terms under which the NSW IRC imposes significant fines against corporate re-offenders.

Court critical of CBA procedures

In a ruling highly critical of the Commonwealth Bank's investigation processes, the Federal Court has overturned a finding that it was justified in dismissing an employee it accused of stealing $27,400.

Landmark decision on IRC jurisdiction

A landmark court ruling has removed a major barrier for employees seeking to protect their entitlements when their employer goes into administration.