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Single peak union body for NZ

New Zealand's unions are to have a single voice, after the Council of Trade Unions and Trade Union Federation agreed to merge.

Victorian judge biased, says union

The AWU has complained to Victorian Attorney-General Rob Hulls over alleged apprehended bias by the State Supreme Court judge who hears urgent applications for injunctions during industrial disputes.

AIG seeks to end Campaign 2000 bargaining periods

The AIG will seek to terminate the bargaining periods at manufacturing sites across Victoria, as it attempts to head off a statewide strike on October 29 in pursuit of the Campaign 2000 bargaining claim.

IRC more active on good faith bargaining

The IRC is taking an increasingly broad views of its powers to provide for good faith bargaining since it overturned the CSR Humes decision in June.

Ruling a warning on grievances

An unfair dismissal ruling by a senior member of the IRC illustrates the dangers for employers of failing to adequately respond to reasonable grievances raised by employees.

Collective and AWA lockouts OK, court finds

A Victorian meat industry employer that locked its workers out in pursuit of AWAs following a collective bargaining dispute that also involved lockouts did not act unlawfully, the Federal Court has found.

MIM talks continue after workers vote down deal

Queensland mining company MIM will not renegotiate the deal voted down by workers last week, planning instead to hold a series of information meetings with employees to explain the document more fully before putting it up for ballot again within a fortnight.

Natra seeks to end bargaining, as stand-downs hit Ford

The components supplier at the centre of the Campaign 2000 dispute that has led to stand-downs at Ford Australia is in the IRC this afternoon seeking to have the bargaining period covering its site terminated.