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IRC warning on Campaign 2000

In a setback to Campaign 2000 on the day of its first industry-wide protected strike, the IRC has warned that industry-wide industrial action in support of common claims and an absence of genuine bargaining could lead to the IRC terminating or suspending bargaining periods.

PM's security guard fails to get job back

The security guard at Prime Minister John Howard's Sydney residence who was sacked for sleeping on the job has lost his unfair dismissal case in the IRC.

ASU pays $4m for Sydney CBD office space

Two sections of the ASU have paid almost $4 million to buy two floors of a largely union-owned eight-storey office building in the Sydney CBD.

Star City agreement gets go-ahead

The IRC has approved the Star City Casino enterprise agreement, which delivers 3,000 workers an 8% pay rise over 25 months and reintroduces weekend and night-time penalty rates.

FSU calls national CBA stopwork for Friday

The FSU has escalated its industrial campaign against the Commonwealth Bank, calling a national stopwork on Friday after today's stoppage in Western Australia.

G&K O'Connor faces backpay claim

Hardline abbatoir operator G&K O'Connor faces backpay claims from 35 workers who held out against signing AWAs, after a Federal Court full bench found they were being paid under the wrong award.

CBA to offer AWAs to 22,000 workers

The Commonwealth Bank has revealed a radical plan to offer AWAs to its entire 22,000-strong award-covered workforce, ahead of the first stoppage tomorrow in the FSU's renewed industrial campaign.

New evidence backs inflight fume claim against Ansett

Evidence linking exposure to inflight leaks of toxic fumes to a flight attendant's acute and chronic neuro-behavioural symptoms has opened the way for action against the carrier.