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Tribunal backs ACTU's sacking of worker for Facebook posts

The FWC has upheld, despite some procedural failings, the ACTU's dismissal of a call centre employee over Facebook posts that "cheered on" an anti-vaccine mandate campaign, applauded aggression against police, mocked domestic violence, disparaged black people and vilified transgender people.

ACCC wins boycott case against CFMMEU

The ACCC's recent heightened focus on the building industry might be bearing fruit, after the Federal Court found this week that the CFMMEU induced and had knowing involvement in major construction company J Hutchinson's unlawful boycott of a non-union waterproofing subcontractor, the Federal Court has ruled.

Crown throws dice on new employee transfer strategy

A finding that engaging Crown's Melbourne and Perth dealers to serve high rollers at its Sydney casino is not a transfer of business has paved the way for others to move workers without the "negative consequences of industrial instruments travelling with them", according to a leading employer-clientele lawyer.

FWC set to hear Svitzer bid to halt protected action

Major tug boat operator Svitzer Australia has gained more time to prepare its application to suspend or terminate AMOU members' protected action, which is to due to start on Thursday.

Sacking upheld after questionable vax exemption

A worker who unsuccessfully sought to take long service leave after Bulla Dairy Foods rejected medical exemption evidence from a since-suspended doctor has failed to establish it unfairly sacked him for breaching a COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

NSW looking to compensate nurses within cap

The Perrottet Government says it is looking at "some further recognition" of the work performed by NSW nurses and midwives without prompting other public sector wage claims above its 2.5% annual cap.

Legislated ban won't stop us: Unregistered unions

An unregistered "red union" said to be pursuing more than a thousand challenges to workplace vaccine mandates says it won't be stopped by a Queensland Government plan to ban unregistered associations from covering members under the State's IR laws.

Spurned AWU fails to sink rival's greenfields deal

Despite AWU objections, the FWC has approved an employer's greenfields civil construction deal with rival the CFMMEU, observing that the former's historic coverage of the sector did not guarantee a place at the negotiating table.

Wage case timetable; Query over Senate witness treatment; & more

Provisional wage review timetable approved; Secure jobs inquiry queries witness treatment; New FWC website to launch this weekend; Permit suspended after underwhelming case; Productivity Inquiry gets underway; Labour Hire Authority thwarts "phoenixing"; and Feedback sought on online hearings.