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FWC tightens long-service leave practice in coal loader agreement

The FWC has rejected the CFMEU's claim that the Port Kembla Coat Terminal enterprise agreement allows the "sandwiching" of long service and annual leave and has instead preferred the employer's view that long service leave cannot be broken up and substituted for periods of annual leave for the ultimate benefit of the employee.

Circuit Court questions FWBC building company prosecution

The Federal Circuit Court has questioned why the FWBC chose not to prosecute the director of a phoenixed bricklaying company that failed to pay correct pay and entitlements to several "daily hire" workers.

Boral entitled to present evidence on the extent of its losses

Boral Resources has had an early win in its court battle with the CFMEU over damages caused by concrete bans, with the Victorian Supreme Court overruling objections from the union, and allowing the company to plead a wide range of evidence on the losses it suffered.