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"No plans" to halt super rise: PM

The Turnbull Government has played down a report that it plans to freeze employer superannuation contributions at the current 9.5%, scrapping the plan to increase the SGC to 12%.

AWU calls for ASIC probe to uncover QN entitlements liability

The AWU is calling for the corporate regulator to investigate whether Queensland Nickel breached corporations laws and whether owner Clive Palmer is acting as a "shadow director", as part of the union's push to secure members' outstanding entitlements.

Granting of permit to Westgate organiser a bridge too far: FWC

The AMWU has failed in its bid to obtain an entry permit for an organiser involved in the notorious Westgate Bridge dispute because imposing additional permit conditions would amount to "no more than shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted", says the FWC.

Bid to save "small rainforest" derails labour hire agreement

An FWC presidential member has expressed "wonder" at having to reject an agreement for a major labour hire company that turned the simple process of providing employees with a bargaining representation notice into a "debacle".

Redeployees must be given "meaningful work": Tribunal

The FWC has ruled that a company's enterprise agreement obliges it provide "meaningful work" to redeployees and operates as an exception to the general rule that there is no common law right to be provided with work.