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HR advisers, managers and recruiters now in FWO's sights

The Fair Work Ombudsman has warned accessorial liability for workplace breaches is now being extended beyond employers and company directors to those working in human resources, management and recruitment.

$90,000 fine for underpaying trolley collectors

A contractor "knowingly involved" in underpaying vulnerable supermarket trolley collectors and a subcontractor who "deliberately" produced false payment records and underpaid employees have been fined more than $90,000 by the Federal Court.

Sham contracting test case to challenge disrupters

Law firm Maurice Blackburn is considering a test case exploring whether food delivery companies in Victoria such as Foodora and Deliveroo are engaging in sham contracting by engaging riders who claim they are being paid below award rates.

Report on penalty rate danger "incomplete", "inaccurate": Domino's

Domino's Pizza says it intends to introduce penalty rates in its next agreement and that a Deutsche Bank report predicting the change could reduce profits by 24% does not factor in productivity measures implemented since the previous deal.

FWO warns against hiding behind corporate veil

The director of a security company that knowingly and deliberately underpaid eight casual security guards by more than $20,000 over a three month period must personally repay the employees after what the FWO is hailing as a "precedent-setting" Federal Circuit Court ruling.

School's $150,000 fine for blocking union access, forging contracts

An independent Islamic school that hired more fixed-term teachers than permitted under the award and then tried to cover it up has been fined $150,000 by the Federal Court for unlawful practices, in one of the largest penalty decisions handed down against a school

Errant employer commits to rectifying $2m in underpayments

The FWO has secured its largest back-payment, after making an enforceable undertaking with a Victorian-based mining services company that requires it to reimburse $2 million to 205 underpaid workers and provide IR training to all managers with HR and payroll responsibilities.

7-Eleven moving underpayments rectification in-house

Convenience store chain 7-Eleven is ending the Fels Panel's oversight of its process for rectifying systematic underpayments to franchisee employees and moving the task to what it says is an independent internal unit.

No "recall to duty", but manager entitled to overtime: Court

The Federal Court has knocked back a rostering manager's claim for "recall to duty" entitlements for out-of-hours calls about employee availability and shift arrangements, finding them a "core" aspect of her employment obligations.